Patsy’s Pizza – NYC

by sara on July 27, 2012

NYC Trip #2 Recap #1!!   The first night we were in NYC we hit up Patsy’s Pizza with Jason’s co-worker.  This joint had a very cozy neighborhood vibe to it.

The weather was perfect so they had the doors open.  We got a “patio” seat and I felt like Trendy Wendy.

The pizza was good.  Not stellar.  The sausage was ground real small which I thought was weird.  Usually people want big chunks of sausage on their pizza.  I expected the sauce to be the boss but it was not tangy like I enjoy.  Grimaldi’s has spoiled me on pizza.  It’s still my fav.  Also, the waitress never refilled my water and I was THIRSTY.

This lady was having a really hard time hailing a cab.  I think it’s because she came across as kind of homeless but with a Gucci twist.

I want to rock this whip in Texas.  I’m sure I would get egged or hit intentionally by a Dart bus but it would be fun while it lasted.

This is a common occurrence in the Big Apple.  Just skateboarding around in designer shoes til you find your next tattoo parlor.  NBD.

Chuck Taylor might have trouble signing an athlete to sport these bad boys.  Unless Dennis Rodman is done pretending he’s a chick and wants to go hardcore again.

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