Style Tips, Waffles and Central Park – NYC

by sara on July 29, 2012

I’m trying to figure out how I could ride a bike like this around town.  It would be so helpful when I’m really thirsty and want to get 5 Slurpees from 7-Eleven when I don’t have 5 cup holders.  Also it would allow me to take Enzo & Riley with me when it’s hot (I can fill the bucket with ice and let them sit on top).  I’m not good with shapes though and I don’t understand how you would turn.

Sara’s Style Tip #1: If I can see the outline of your butt cheeks through your pants, SO CAN EVERYONE ELSE.  What do you guys think – would you like more style tips from me in the Garbls?  I feel like I have a lot to offer.

I’m so glad the Miami Vice look is coming back.  Remind me to look for a white suit and pastel shirt for Jason.

Mister Softee trucks were on almost every corner but they were not nearly as creepy as the ice cream trucks in Dallas so I opted out.  I only buy frozen treats from gang bangers.

I finally got to see Naked Cowboy guy.  Dude is ripped but he’s no Ryan Lochte.

Whoa watch where you’re putting the boot.

Somebody wake this dude up, I need a ride.

This dude was making sidwalk art by dropping colored chalk bits by hand and forming flowers.  I can’t remember if he had a tip jar or not.  Or if he just gets bored and likes to have chalk hands.

We made it to Central Park and made a pit stop for Wafles and Dinges.

Strawberry banana nutella whipped cream waffle was out of this world.

This Chihuahua was all like “hey I just met you and this is crazy but here’s my back leg pose give me a bite of your waffle maybe?”

Central Park was on and poppin.  Jason promised me it would be a lot prettier than last time when we were here in the winter and he was right.  The brown slushy slow melted!

This guy for sure had a tip bucket.  But how much do you tip someone that makes gigantabubbles?  Especially when he has a gigantabubble competitor right around the corner?  Do you demand a bubble competition?

How cool does Yoga Guy look?  Is that Seal?  Where’s Heidi?  Too soon.

OMG HAGRID!  OVER HERE!  HARRY POTTER GUY!  RIGHT HERE!  Oh he’s not real?  Ok sarree.

Ma’am, you’re doing it wrong.

If I can photopshop all these n00by tourists out, this might be a really cool picture.

Puerto Rican bicycle guy ruled.  He had music blaring, he’s wearing a frickin puerto rican flag shirt, he has GPS and he has a foxtail hanging from his handlebars.  My hero.

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