Taste of Dallas at Fair Park

by sara on July 14, 2012

Jason has been up at every hour of almost every night this week fixing the Internet (you’re welcome) so I woke him up from his nap today and told him I was hungry.  He mumbled something about eating the rest of the Sour Patch Kids and a banana but I told him I am a growing girl and I need more substance.  He gave in and took me to the Taste of Dallas at Fair Park.

We know a few people so we got right in with our VIP purple wrist bands.  Just kidding you pay $8 at the gate and everyone gets one.  Taste of Addison was only $5.  Way to go Dallas, you already ruined it.

Pretty much the only reason we drove a bagillion miles to come to this thing was for the Doners.  Our beloved Selim’s Doner Kebap closed in Addison last year and we’ve cried ever since.  Luckily they still do food festivals so we can get our share of shaved meat.

They only had one dude making the wraps (the rest were on tortilla heating, meat shaving duty) so we had to wait in line for about 15 minutes.  It might have been 5 but when I started to feel the sweat dripping down my back every second became an eternity.  I’m moving to Alaska.

In the end, it was totally worth it.  Shaved chicken wrap goodness with lettuce, onion and double secret sauce.  Remind me to have my wrist looked at by a doctor.

You know, I’ve been wondering for the longest time where I could store my hot sauce bottles when I walk around and thankfully this lady answered the question.

The hidden gem of Taste of Dallas is most certainly Mesa.  We ordered all 3 of their small plate offerings: ceviche, enmoladas, and fried plantains.  Below are the pan-fried tortillas covered in mole sauce and topped with cheese and sesame seeds.  Their mole sauce will punch your grandmother’s mole sauce in the face.  I don’t care if your grandmother is 187 years old and has been slow roasting her mole sauce since she was a baby.  This will beat it.

The snook ceviche was the freshest most amazing food festival find I have ever had.  And I’ve been to a lot of food festivals (professional eater).

Can we please talk about the fried plantains?  They were covered with cotija cheese and drizzled with honey.  SO AMAZING.  I think Jason saw the hurt in my eye when I hit the halfway point and knew the rest was his.  He pretended like he was full and let me have the rest.  Is he awesome or what?

We like to create our own romantic settings when we eat.  Here, we make an impromptu picnic on top of a trash can near the bathrooms.

You’re probably wondering when I became so trendy and hipster.  It was about 5 minutes before this picture was taken.  I won the hipster goggles at the Toyota booth.  You were supposed to do a bunch of interactive events to get the “full Toyota experience” but there were long lines and it was hot so we tricked them into letting us skip the BS and roll the dice to win a prize.

We thought about sticking around until dinner time to let our bellies rest so we could start eating again but instead we decided to pack it up and head to my new favorite snow cone place, Sno on Meadow Road/75.  The special of the day was apricot so I got a mix of apricot/coconut.  I got the natural kind which is (I think) all natural syrup with less sugar.  The flavored ice melts in your mouth the minute it hits your tongue.  They have crazy flavors like cucumber lime jalapeño lamb turd which I am excited about trying next time.

Jason Sheen went with the Tiger Blood.  He tends to get excited/scared around new food.  He loved it.  I love him.  There’s a lot of love when snow cones are involved.

I wasn’t too hungry after our big day of eating but I carb loaded with a pizza tonight from a local pizza joint.  Tomorrow morning is my 15k.  I’ll post a recap tomorrow prolly.  Happy Weekend erbody!

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mom April 13, 2013 at 10:52 am

remind me, next time you do this Taste of Dallas, to send you off with a
-cool towel for your neck
-a flashlight
– a small tablecloth for your “romantic, impromptu” choice of serving places
– a new pair of sunglasses (trust me …I KNOW sunglasses!!!!)
-a container of hynie-wipes for BEFORE and AFTER eating off a trash can outside
the bathrooms!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
………..I’m just sayin’…………


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