The Best Afro Ever, My Favorite Juice Joint and a Cute Puppy – NYC

by sara on July 29, 2012

They have all these shows to find America’s next big talent but all I had to do was walk down one street in NYC and I found it.  The world’s greatest afro.  You’re welcome.  Do I get a finder’s fee?

In what looks like a guard booth right outside the Coffee Shop on 16th Street and Union Square West, you will find a juice bar called “Jus.”  It was just one dude in a tiny box surrounded by fresh fruit and veggies and a professional juicer.

They had tons of options on the menu board but don’t get too exited because they were out of some of the options (we went late in the afternoon).

Regardless, there are so many different varieties available that you can’t go wrong.  Plus you get to watch him make your jus.

I went with a carrot beet ginger creation and it was simply remarkable.  Like if you stabbed a carrot beet ginger tree with a straw and just started sipping the tree juice.  In case you were wondering, Jus is cash only so make sure you stack hunnids before you go.

I LOVED seeing people and their puppies eating al fresco all over the city.  It gives me hope that I can move there one day with my 10 dogs.  Jason says no more than 2 but we all know crazy dog ladies don’t stop at 2.

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