The High Line – NYC

by sara on July 29, 2012

Everyone always asks us what we did when we went to NYC.  Our answer is always “we just ate.”  Just to mix things up a bit, we decided to walk over to the High Line in between meals.  The High Line is a walking path on an old railroad line with views over the city.  It’s perfect for photo taking and they’ve planted a variety of cool flowers and plants.  There are places along the path to buy food too, so we could stay on theme.

Corn on the cob plant!  Ooooh yum corn on the cob.

Dang kids messing up the buildings.  Just kidding I think this is part of the “art.”

Only a rad city like NYC would make a walking path out of an old railroad line.  Dallas would have torn it down for sure.

There was some weird stuff like this “zoo.”  Get outta here paper giraffe I know you’re not real.

Oh hey creeper.  Wait, look again!  It’s a cardboard cutout!  I actually found this really hilarious.

If you are gonna hit up the High Line, make sure you dress the part.  You and I both know that means a leather romper.

I’m not quite sure what this billboard was advertising.  Is there a new Adams’ Family movie coming out?  Sally Hansen has new nail polish?

Miniature Billy Idol doll on the tracks.  Can’t believe no one tried to steal this.

The High Line is a great place to get off the beaten path and check out the city from a different view.  We were able to watch the sunset and talk about out future (mainly where we were going to eat next).

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