Too Hot To Handle – They Weren’t Kidding

by sara on July 18, 2012

Running any distance longer than half a mile in the Texas summer should be banned.  Unless there are slurpees given out every quarter mile.  I ran the Too Hot To Handle 15K (9.3 miles) at White Rock on Sunday morning on minimal sleep, only a honey stinger waffle in me for breakfast, no water until the first race stop and I almost forgot deodorant.

Luckily, my dad offered to drive me so I didn’t have to worry about parking.  He rode his bike around the lake while I ran.  I was standing in the line below when the race director announced “just a couple more minutes and we’re starting!”  This created mass panic and you’ve never seen people pee so fast in your life.  There were 3,300 people there for both the 15k and the 5k so I knew even if the gun went off I’d still have time to sneak into line.

The day was absolutely gorgeous but it already felt like it was in the upper 90’s and majorly humid by the time we were underway.

My dad actually called me right as I approached the 8 mile marker and said he was at the finish line waiting for me.  I told him I still had a little over a mile but would see him soon.  He filmed the wrong girl crossing the finish line.  He’s far sighted.  Yay team.  I was bummed too b/c I took off in an all out sprint at the end trying to beat a girl I had been trailing for the last half of the race.  She saw me coming and took off as well but I beat her by inches.  Felt good.  Luckily, there were official photographers there to capture my finish.  I LOVE this photo!  I’m going to buy the high res version and have it blown up to hang in Jason’s office so he can play darts if he’s mad admire me.

Since my Dad felt guilty about missing me cross the finish, he made me pose again for good measure.

The most amazing site of the morning was the Slurpee tent.  They had machines built into the truck and were giving away small cups and buy one get one free coupons!  There is absolutely nothing better than a Slurpee after a hot run.  Oh they were also giving away game pieces for their summer promotion right now.  You can win a motorcycle or a trip to the Super Bowl or a trip to a Nascar thingy.  I chose the motorcycle so I can sell it and stay unemployed awhile longer.  LOL J/K!  I’m not kidding.

Do you wanna know what was adorable?  They had little kids giving away ice cold Run On sponsored towels at the Finish Line.  After giving every last bit of energy I had into my final sprint, you don’t know how awesome that ice towel felt.  I wish they had given out ice cold bath robes.  There was actually another stop along the race that was giving out cold paper towels but I was in a huge group and there was only one lady and her kid giving them out so I missed it.  Good story.

My dad is flexing his muscle for the Muscle Milk people trying to get picked up for sponsorship.  They didn’t realize he is a stud and has lost nearly 50 lbs by riding his bike, giving up beer and eating kohlrabi (among other veggies).  I’m super proud of him.  I’m also proud of how much free swag we lugged back to the car with us.

The Slurpee tasted so good that I convinced my Dad to stop at 7-Eleven on the way home to get another one.  It wasn’t even 10am yet.  Breakfast of champion runners.

I was slow as molasses (averaged 9:14 miles) but I have another race under the belt and it was a subtle reminder that I need to train better for these things.  I couldn’t feel too bad though because 9.3 miles is 9.3 miles.  Final stats:

If you’ve ever run before, you know the endorphin high I’m talkin bout.  Matter of fact, I can’t wait to go out and do it again.

I would also like to mention that this race was very well organized.  There were plenty of port-a-potty’s, hand sanitizing stations outside them, frickin ice cold water towels, more than enough water stations, tons of people and AWESOME swag at the end.  I mainly just run races to get free muscle milk.  The best part was that the 5k runners split off almost immediately so there was no congestion with the 15k runners at any point during the race.  Even though it was too hot to handle, I would do this race again next year…with better preparation.

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