Big Daddy’s Roadhouse BBQ

by sara on August 18, 2012

Jason took his whip on a cruise through the backroads of Wylie recently and stumbled across Big Daddy’s Roadhouse BBQ.  Since I force him to eat a bunch of hippie food, I was more than happy to accompany him on a trip back to try this joint.

The view across from Big Daddy’s is very pretty and reminds me of the hill country minus the hills.

They’ve decked out the interior with antiques including CRT TV’s.

I ordered a turkey sandwich with potato salad and green beans.  The turkey and barbecue sauce were served on a fresh sesame seed bun and it was delicious.  The sides?  Terrible.  The green beans were straight out of a can and had zero seasoning.  I didn’t even taste a speck of salt.  The potato salad tasted like it had been put in a blender with cottage cheese.  It was the worst potato salad I have ever had.

Jason ordered ribs and chopped brisket along with potato salad and banana pudding.  The banana pudding was the only side worth eating but it was nothing exceptional.

The saving grace for this meal was the meat.  Jason said the ribs and chopped brisket were the best he’s ever had.  This is what drives me crazy.  How can a restaurant clearly put a ton of effort into making award winning BBQ and not even attempt to make good sides?  Jason has been back a second time for the ribs and tried different sides.  He said again, they were terrible.  Big Daddy’s Roadhouse, if you are reading this, please make fresh, seasoned side dishes so I can like you more.  If you can make the best BBQ around, surely you can figure out something else delicious to go along with it.  I have a bunch of cookbooks if you want to borrow them!

I thought the smoker sauce holders were adorable.

I asked Jaygarbl to do his best John Wayne face.  Nailed it!

I’ve decided that there is nothing creepier than animal heads.  Except ones that have hats and mardi gras beads on.

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Janice August 21, 2012 at 9:18 am

They do what they want. Eat some white bread with it, that’s all good BBQ needs YEEHAWWWWWWWWW!


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