Driving to Illinois From Texas in Crocs

by sara on August 20, 2012

We made the 15 hour trek to Illinois via the world’s most dominant SUV, the Chevy Suburban.  We loaded up our bags and our bikes and headed out at about 8:30am.  We took the route through Oklahoma and St. Louis so most of the view looked like the picture below.  Nothing much to look at.

Until…we spotted Bigfoot’s BBQ.  My grandfather calls my Dad “Bigfoot” so it was only fitting that we get his picture in front of his namesake.  It was also a good spot to get out and stretch the Crocs.  Yes, my dad drove the entire way (girls can’t drive)(j/k he offered to let me drive but I can’t handle Chevy power) and wore Crocs the entire time (they’re “comfy”).

After listening to AM radio for awhile, I got bored and took a picture of anything moving.  Like a train.

We finally made a pitstop for lunch at Braum’s.  The thought of eating a greasy burger and getting back in the car made me bleh so I opted for the grilled chicken salad.  You can’t really see from this picture but the lettuce was old and brown, the chicken tasted like a turd and I hate tomatoes.  Took two bites and threw it away.  Good thing I got a back up milkshake.

About halfway through the trip, the bug splatters started to really accumulate.  Can you imagine you’re just flying around all peacefully in the middle of Missouri and then BAM you’ve become a million pieces on a windshield?  Think of that any time you’re having a bad day.

A few times I looked over and told my Dad that Chevy Power is awesome and all but there is also a speed limit.

We finally made it into St. Louis around dinner time.  We were supposed to meet up with my Dad’s friends for dinner but didn’t realize we had already gone 25 miles past their exit.  Who would have thought the St. Louis area is so big?  We were making good time and didn’t want to loop back so we told them sorry and continued on.  We also called my grandmother at this point to let her know we were coming.  Surprise!  Be there in 5 hours!

And just like that we were past the famous Arch.

Once we made it into the great state of Illinois we pulled over to get gas and there happened to be a Qdoba around the corner so we stopped for dinner.  Their special of the month was a mango salad so I went for it.  It was SO GOOD!  Only 465 calories too (if you don’t eat the taco shell).

The sun was starting to set so my dad kicked it into turbo.  Or at least that’s what he said he was doing.  How you can go any more turbo than 95mph w/o breaking the law is beyond me.

Around 11:30pm we finally pulled into my grandmother’s driveway.  I immediately put on the mosquito netting hat in case Illinois had West Nile toos.

Digging through the mosquito netting dress up pile must have woken up my grams.  Whoops!  She came out to greet us and then we sent her back to bed so we could go through her freezer and eat all the ice cream.

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Janice August 21, 2012 at 9:25 am

Gross to Braum’s chicken salad, you should’ve definitely just got the burger. I feel like my tongue is tingling, is that normal?!??!?!


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