I Had a Naf Naf of Shopping so I Got Falafel

by sara on August 21, 2012

When in Rome, go Croc shopping.  At least that’s what they tell us on the Style Network.  Or what my Dad says they tell us.  My grams was super excited to have visitors (so excited she locked up all her cookies) so we rewarded her excitement with a trip to the outlet mall.  We gotta keep the 91-yr-old lookin fresh.  First stop?  Converse store to try on her first pair of All-Stars.  For the record, she looked totally rad but they didn’t fit 🙁

You now what does fit?  Crocs.  It was all I could do to maintain composure in this store.  Watching your father and grandmother dig through the clearance bin of Crocs has to be one of the top funniest things you can do.  Ever.  The best part is that my grams didn’t understand why I was giggling.  She even asked if she could buy me a pair.  I think it only took me .000000002 of a second to blurt out “they give me blisters!” and then bust out laffin again.

You guys did hear that the Crocs inventor was arrested for DUI a few weeks ago right?  And he was wearing Flip Flops!  LOLZ.  Feel free to make this your cover photo on Facebook if you like!

Also, please take note:

Oh, your grandmother doesn’t rock Blue Fish socks?  That’s weird b/c mine does.

When we got back to the house my grandmother was walking around in her new bargain bin $5 Crocs when we started talking about weddings.  She said she still has her wedding dress and even brought it out for show and tell!  She paid $60 for this back in 1941 and only made $30 a week at the time.  She had to hurry up and marry my gramps b/c the attack on Pearl Harbor had just happened and he had to go off and save the world.  It’s very similar to the shotgun wedding Jason and I are planning.

For dinner that night I surveyed Yelp and came up with Naf Naf, a casual Middle Eastern restaurant serving falafel, shawarma and kebobs among other things.  It was an excellent call on my part.  I couldn’t get a Naf Naf of their pitas!

Always yield to camels.

My dad went with the chicken shawarma pita.  All of the pitas contain your choice of meat, hummus, Israeli salad and topped with tahini sauce.  They claim that they serve hot pepper sauce on the side but we didn’t get any.  Oh well, it tasted great without it.  My dad’s only complaint was that the pita was not served warm.  It didn’t bother me but I do think if it was warm it would be a touch better.

I rolled with the falafel pita.  Their falafel was right up there with Fajita Pita.  Everything tasted like it was fresh out of the garden, no canned ingredients in this joint.

Naf Naf even cooks their own chickpeas to make their hummus.  You can tell quite the difference from the canned stuff too.  I know b/c that’s how I make it (don’t tell Jason).

The pocket pita bread was pretty awesome.  Again, our only complaint was that it should be served warm and it wasn’t.

After a long day of shopping and overdosing on chickpeas, we ended the night with bowls of Moose Tracks ice cream and a game of Upwords.  My grandmother got bored with waiting on us to make a word so she called all her girlfriends to gossip about the Olympic swimmers and to tell them about her new bright orange Crocs. Not that it matters, but I won the game.

PS – It matters.

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Janice August 29, 2012 at 7:13 pm

This is adorable seriously! Your grandma is freakin’ awesome in her BAMF Crocs! Ok, ur gramma has provided the wedding dress, can you hurry up and get married in the Bahamas and garbl about it??????????????????


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