BB Bop and ZZ Top

by sara on September 16, 2012

I know Foodgarbl is kind of turning into Doggarbl but I can’t help it because if you haven’t noticed, Enzo and Riley are SUPER CUTE!!!  Here is Riley Q Bears snuggled up behind me on the couch after cooling off post run.  I was trying not to wake her up hence the skeerd face.  Psych!  I always look like that.

It’s hard to tell them apart (when they were little we used to have to lift them to see if they had a weewee) but I promise this is a different dog.  Enzo was also super sleepy.  No, we don’t have a headboard yet and yes that is a pink blanket.  I am not good at home decor.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

YES BACK TO FOODGARBL!  Peoples?  I LOVE BB Bop.  LOVE IT!  Why don’t they have these on every corner?  First of all, they have green tea mint lemonade.  I could drink five gallons of this, probably yack, and then go back and drink another five gallons.  It is so good.

I customized a spicy pork bowl with house rice (jasmine seasoned with sesame oil), sweet and spicy pulled pork, bean sprouts, carrots, cilantro, lettuce, cabbage and topped with an over easy egg.

Jason had something else.  He gets it every time and I forgot the name of it but it is also awesome.  I am a professional story teller, obviously.

Even after they deliver your amazing rice bowl, you can make it even crazier good by adding your own sauces at their sauce bar.

I threw some bangkok curry sauce on mine and then went back for some bonus sriracha.

The lettuce was hiding the tender, delicious pork in the first few pictures of my bowl.  I didn’t want to keep this amazingness from you.  Please enjoy.

This has nothing to do with BB Bop but I wanted to somehow incorporate ZZ Top into this post so here is a pic of my Dad and his childhood friend.  He has a long beard and his brother is in a band.  If that’s not ZZ Top, I don’t know what is.

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Jan October 6, 2012 at 2:20 pm

When I ask ppl the sex of their dog I simultaneously check for junk or non-junk in case they try to pull a fast one on me


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