Brady and Rosaura Get Hitched

by sara on September 9, 2012

Our friends Brady and Rosaura are just one of the numerous couples we know that got engaged after us and married before us.  We might be 75 before we finally tie the knot but at least we’ll know all the do’s and don’ts by then.  Actually this wedding encouraged us to get our butts in gear.  We even went for a run tonight to get into “wedding shape.”  But then we came home and ordered dessert pizza.  Oh well.

Rosaura looked gorgeous coming down the aisle with her Dad.  I wanted to pop out Joan Rivers style and say “WHO ARE YOU WEARING?!” but for some reason it didn’t seem appropriate.

The ceremony was an hour and fifteen minutes long.  The bride’s family and friends were mostly Catholic and the groom’s family and friends were mostly not so everyone on the right side of the church had to look at everyone on the left side of the church to know what to do during the ceremony.  Like kneeling.  And making the sign of the cross.  And saying peace be with you.  Luckily I was raised Catholic so I taught everyone how to fist bump and blow it up.  Unbeknownst to us, Brady said there was a spotlight on him the entire ceremony at the altar.  Poor dude was cooking the whole time.  That’ll teach him for not being Catholic.

The happy couple was glad to be officially hitched and on the way to Party Town (Addison), USA.

This is one of my favorite couples ever: Ethan and Oni.  They are both responsible for Jason and I meeting and falling in love and eventually getting married.  Ethan hired Jason and Oni hired me (I thought I nailed the interview but she just thought I’d be a good match for him) and we all worked together during a very fun time in our lives.  Are they not adorable?

I look like I’m wearing a shower curtain from Urban Outfitters but you have to understand that I hate shopping so my options for these fancy parties are very limited to what is in my closet.  Luckily Jason looks like a stud so he gets all the attention.

I took the wedding program with me so we can recycle it for ours by just scratching out Brady and Rosaura and writing Jason and Sara.

We left the church and headed north to the Addison Conference Center for the reception.  I was going to write out a really funny poem in the guest book but the pretty picture of Rosaura on the table made me nervous so I just signed our names.

Rosaura is an actress so their centerpieces were film reels with the film being pictures of them.  It was seriously adorable.  The best part of all this is that Jason works with Brady so he knows what went into all of the wedding details.  It’s amazing how you can look at something and think how cute it is but also know that people were up until 5am working on them one night.

Also cute was the his and her drink specials at the open bar named after the bride and groom.  Jason and I are just going to serve purple drank to save money.

The food was simple and delicious.  Even though we stopped at Potbelly on the way and split a wreck and a cookie, I was a big girl and ate my whole plate.

First dance excitement!  Brady hadn’t had enough of his signature drink yet to get down on tha flo.

Grams and Gramps were awesome.  This Grandma danced with just about everyone and only sat down when Selena came on and she got confused.  I hadn’t heard a Selena song since I was in middle school and I REALLY wanted Jason to go dance with me but neither of us knows how 🙁  Remind me to get him a Groupon for dancing lessons for Xmas so he has to go with me.

I didn’t even realize it until I went back and looked at the pictures but Rosaura changed dresses during the reception!  Since they are both stunning I bet she had a hard time choosing between them for the actual dress so she just got them both.  That’s happened to me before when picking out a puppy.

The groom’s cake was Dallas Maverick’s themed and featured Dirk Nowitzki’s jersey as well as the Mavs logo and two tickets.

Ethan is a Spurs fan and this is the point when he realized we tricked him and gave him Mavs cake.  Oni thought it was funny.

This is when Brady told us that his wife now has him by the…nevermind.

Ladies, pay attention – Roman is the stud on the left and he is single!  Coincidentally, he is also ready to mingle.  Let me know if you want me to hook a sista up.  Tim and Cassie on the right are already married and already adorable.

I used to pass for a 17-yr-old but I think I’m finally starting to look my age (25).  Let’s play it safe and blame it on the low light.

The best part of the wedding was when the DJ called everyone to the dance floor for the Cupid Shuffle or something and I knew it was my chance to nail the rest of the cake.

I lied.  The best part of the wedding was the CANDY BAR!!!  I know how much money goes into weddings and a lot of it is superfluous but BRADY AND ROSAURA THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART FOR THIS DISPLAY OF SUGAR.  I’ve been hopped up on candy since I left the reception and I had one of the best runs of my life tonight because I was still on a gummy bear high.  Thanks to the Webb’s, Jason and I are now encouraged and motivated to get our wedding planning in motion.  So far we haven’t gotten past the candy bar budget but that’s actually progress.  CONGRATS YOU GUYS!!!!

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Janice September 11, 2012 at 11:31 am

LOL @ Urban Outfitter shower curtain. It’s a cute dress. Looks like a fun wedding! Those centerpieces are freakin adorable. Please have your wedding so I can read about it on Foodgarbl!!


mom September 15, 2012 at 5:17 pm

luv u,


Brady September 20, 2012 at 9:52 pm

Hadn’t Garbl’d in awhile. Glad ya’ll had fun and I think we still have about 25 lbs of gummy bears that weren’t taken, so I’ll feel free to donate them to you and Jason. However, they are going to be melted and shaped into the form of turtles, because bears scare me.


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