Breakfast Club, Lunch and Pepper Jam

by sara on September 6, 2012

I’m down with breakfast clubs.  Especially those that tell me to eat a better breakfast.  It’s like a challenge that I try to improve upon every morning.

On this particular morning I think I did a pretty spectacular job.  Made myself some whole wheat blueberry granola waffles slathered with Trader Joe’s cookie butter and topped with bananas and blackberries.  Why I haven’t been asked to host my own Food Network show on better breakfasts is beyond me.

On our last full day in Naperville we decided to take my grandmother out to double secret Vietnamese lunch at Green Basil.  The restaurant is actually located inside the house where my grandfather’s brother used to live many many moons ago.  We started with the tofu spring rolls with spicy peanut dipping sauce.  Wise move.

I have a video of my grandmother trying to use chopsticks and my Dad coming to her rescue by stabbing the spring roll with the chopstick so she can eat it but since I just told you what happened all you need to see if the pic.

This must have been the living room of the house because the fireplace is behind the adorable mother/son duo.

For my main grub I went with the grilled pork vermicelli bowl with bonus egg rolls.  I wonder what would happen if I brought this to breakfast club.

My Dad ordered up the house special banh mi.  Only $5 and had all fresh veg.  I don’t remember what he said about it but I do know that he inhaled it so most likely it was awesome.

We convinced my grandmother to order pho for the very first time in her life.  Imagine being 91 and you’ve never had pho.  Did a tear just come to your eye?  It did for me.  We even paused for a moment at the table so she could mentally cross it off her bucket list.

Even though she only ate about 1/14th of it (a bowl of pho is like a Luby’s buffet), she loved it and had leftovers for the next 2 winters.

Wanna see a grandmother get mad when you steal the bill before she can pay?  Ooooh she mad.

The rest of the afternoon was spent making pepper jam from scratch.

That’s right, we grinded the red bell peppers by hand in an old fashioned grinder.  It was awesome.

Typically I stay grindin, but on this particular day I had to move on to the stove to let the ground peppers and jalapenos simmer with the other mystery ingredients.

Once they were done we bottled them up and did the jam dance.  Then my Grams told me who got which jar once we got back home but I’ve been hard of hearing lately so all I heard was “you can have them all.”  Thanks Grandma!

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Janice September 8, 2012 at 5:48 pm

Man I really want some pho now. And homemade pepper jam. That ish looks good!


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