Even 100 Years Wouldn’t Have Been Enough

by sara on September 11, 2012

Aaaah Gramps.  The best Gramps that ever was.  Today would have been his 100th birthday.  If his body had stayed as strong as his mind I’m sure he’d probably still be trying to climb the tree to trim some limbs against Grandma’s better judgment.  I wish he only knew how much we miss his good humor.  And his beard.  And the sound of the Cubs game from the living room.  He lived a long, happy 92 years but we still felt like that wasn’t long enough.  100 years wouldn’t have been long enough.  He was that awesome.

Please enjoy some pics of Ernest Henry throughout his life along with some of his quotes that I wrote down throughout the years.

Jeff: “Are you a big baby?”  Gramps: “Large baby, yes.”

Gramps: “You’re not just BT’in.  That’s bird tirdin for short.”

Gramps: “Tony, why don’t you wait til after church to eat chili.”

Tony: “What are you doing for New Years Pa?”  Gramps: “Oh I think I’ll snort a bucket of gin and see if anyone’s available for a good time.”

Gramps: “Remind me to gargle with tuna to greet the guests at 11.”

Gramps: “Life is too short to change clothes.”

Gramps: “Hey do you know it’s Christmas Eve?  I remember the Christmas Eve’s we used to have alone.  Boy were they nice!”

Tony: “Gramps do you want to come sit in here?”  Gramps: “No, I can go to the farm and watch pigs eat anytime.”

Gramps: “Do you want to throw up before you finish that sentence?”

Jeff: “How did you get rid of your hiccups?”  Gramps: “I ate some cheesepuffs.”

Gramps: “I feel like I’m not wanted. Somebody take down the poster.”

Gramps: “From love to shove, figure it out.  When are you leaving?”

Gramps: “Nuts!  That’s what the Queen cried.  If I had ’em I would have been King.”

Tony: “Pa, how come you’re not playing Bingo?”  Gramps: “I broke my racquet I guess.”

Jeff: “I thought I smelled something non-filtered.”  Gramps: “That could be my old shoes.”

Jeff: “Nowitzki has 21 points in the first quarter!”  Gramps: “That’s nothing, the Bulls have 20!”

Grams: “My old minister told me the best way to cure a cold is to mix some lemon juice, honey and a little whiskey.”  Sara: “A little whiskey?  How much is a little?”  Gramps: “A quart!  And rub goose grease on your chest.”

Tony: “Sara, do you think it’s easy to eat all of these cashews?”  Gramps: “Don’t pass them around, somebody might take one!”

Grams: “Pa, you wanna take a shower with Helga (his nurse) tomorrow?”  Gramps: “I think she’s too old for me.”

Tony: “Gramps, tell us about your first date.”  Gramps: “It wasn’t a date, it was a fig.”

Tony: “You feel alright?”  Gramps: “Yeah I’m practically ripe.”

Jeff: “Pa, you got a little regurgitation on your lip.”  Gramps: “Thank you.”

Helga: “You already signed the do not resuscitate form Ernie you know that right?”  Gramps: “Yep, when I’m gone I went!”

We miss you Nervous Pervis!

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Janice October 6, 2012 at 2:52 pm

Your grandpa sounded like the coolest thing ever!


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