Evy Got Her Hairs Did and Skyping

by sara on September 3, 2012

Oh your Supercuts doesn’t have a vineyard?

You can choose purple or green, no need to be picky.  Also you can go with a weave or an up-do, it’s all about choices at Vineyard Cuts.

Kris is a Napervillian that actually went to high school with my Dad.  She cut my grandmother’s hair for years and would actually make house calls because Evy gave up driving when she realized that going out the in of a Super Target wasn’t safe.  Unfortunately, Kris got married and moved to Iowa but she was back in town to visit her mom and offered to cut Evy’s hair at her mom’s house.

I chatted it up with the girls while my gram’s got her ears lowered.

Meanwhile my Dad played horseshoes in the front yard.  I wish all salons were like this.

Vineyard Cuts comes with a complimentary face brush.

I’m not sure how Kris did such a great cut without a bowl.

Okay Evy you’re ready for Prom!

Pretty good job eh?  I was super jealous because it takes someone 45 minutes just to shampoo my thick mop.

There were no hair drying stations at Vineyard Cuts so the ladies chatted it up in the sun to let them air dry.

I forgot my purse but I would have offered Kris’s mom $400 for this sign.  Ok maybe $100 but I loved it.  She said a work crew was actually about to throw it away when they demolished a building down the street but she told them she wanted it so they carried it back to her house for her and hung it up on her porch.  Chivalry is not dead and recycling is the way of life.

After the haircut party, we returned home and my Dad made a huge batch of his famous cactus.  I can’t tell you how to make it because it is a cherished family recipe but just know that the secret is bacon.

While the cactus simmered, we played a made up game of try to stump Evy with tomato bouillon ingredient pronunciations.  Dangit I just gave away another secret ingredient.

That night we had our first Skype session with my cousin Lisa and her most adorable baby Lydia!  Have you ever seen a cuter baby girl?  This is Evy’s second great-grandchild.  My grandmother was amazed that we were talking to them through a computer.  It’s going to take awhile to get her adjusted to a Mac after using a typewriter for 85 years but I think a few lessons ought to get her caught up.

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Janice September 7, 2012 at 2:59 pm

Nice hurr cut! And the secret ingredient is always bacon! YUMMMY


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