Happy Birthday Dad! Storage Wars Texas Style

by sara on September 7, 2012

My Dad’s birthday was a few weekends ago and I forgot to get him a gift so I panicked and asked Riley and Enzo if they got him anything.  This is the look I got.

Enzo made up for it by giving him a big ol birthday smooch.  Nothing cleaner than a dog’s tongue!  Sarree.

For birthday lunch the family went to Henk’s European Deli.  Jaytrain ordered the wiener (lol) schnitzel with potato salad and sauerkraut.  He let me eat most of his potato salad because I told him there was an outbreak of potato salmonella that affected mostly good looking guys (no effect on good looking girls).

I rolled with the halfsies chicken salad sandwich and a cup of swiss cheese soup.  Their swiss cheese soup is only available on Saturdays because if they offered it every day, the number of heart attacks in Dallas would triple and we don’t have enough doctors.  It’s well worth the splurge though.

We all took an aspirin then shared the sausage sampler with mustard dipping sauce.

And then BLAZAM!  We surprised my Dad with a small piece of birthday cake.  He wished for more Crocs.

The rest of us shared a 7-layer bar and an apple strudel.  And some cookies.  And another piece of cake.  And some almond bark thingies.  This is why I’m fat.

The best surprise was yet to come.  Moe from Storage Wars Texas walked in!  My Dad was perplexed by his pants.  Maybe Mary made those for him out of some old jeans they found in one of their lockers.

At first we weren’t sure if it was really him (lots of guys wear sparkle jeans these days) but once we got a side profile shot it was confirmed.

At this point Jason was terrified that I would bust out with “Sara Disease.”  Sara Disease is a condition coined by my brother to describe how I inadvertently blurt out inappropriate or embarrassing things when I get excited.  It actually runs in my family but I was the first to display the most obvious traits.  Sadly, Jason is even showing signs of it so if we ever decide to have kids we will most likely have to adopt.

Aaaah yes the infamous crazy Asics to complete the look.

I didn’t really want my picture with him but I did want to pretend I was paparazzi.  I still have to work on my jumping in front of the car skills.

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Janice September 11, 2012 at 11:27 am

I have no earthly idea who that is. I only watch the OG Storage Wars. Happy bday to your daddy!


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