How Much Should We Tippy?

by sara on September 16, 2012

If you walk into a restaurant and see salt and pepper shakers hugging, you should expect to be in for a treat.  Seriously, where do you get these?  I want them in every color.  

Tippy’s Thai Cafe is a new restaurant that opened in the Preston/LBJ shopping center.  A bunch of the restaurants in that same center have bit the dust in the last few months so it was no surprise that we walked in on Friday night and no one was here.  Our waitress even said they’ve had trouble barely making rent after we asked how business has been.  The LBJ construction traffic definitely doesn’t help but maybe the salt shakers will get people in the door.  The decor is very bright, modern and vibrant.

We hadn’t looked over the menu for very long when the waitress asked if we wanted something to start with.  We ordered vegetable spring rolls which, without looking at the menu, we expected to be non-fried.  To our surprise they showed up as egg rolls.  Maybe Tippy was tipsy.  They were okay but not something I would order again.  They had peas in them which I thought was weird.  Get outta here you crazy pea roll!

For entrees we ordered the pad see ew and the pad thai.  The pad see ew was just average.  So far, no one has been able to top Cozy Thai.  Cozy Thai, if you are listening, please come to Plano.  I ordered the pad see ew at Tippy’s with a 3 out of 5 star spicy level and left without needing a kleenex.  If I had done the same at Cozy Thai, I would have needed a cold rag for my neck, an IV drip to get fluids back in me and a bucket of ice to put out the fire in my mouf.

The pad thai was excellent.  It’s very rare that you have terrible pad thai though.  It seems to be the pb&j of thai cooking.  Our waitress was so friendly and the restaurant is so cute that I really want it to succeed.  For starters, they need to get a website put up ASAP.  Secondly, they need to get a lunch buffet going to get in the business lunch crowd.  Thirdliest, they need to sell their adorable salt shakers at cost to me.  Lastly, I read in the press that they will be offering breakfast?  If you open a Thai breakfast joint, you are going to generate some talk.  Whether that’s good talk is up to your Thai omelette.  Come on Tippy’s!


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