I Hope I Don’t Get Caught Juicing

by sara on September 16, 2012

No, silly, I’m not on steroids.  But I did get juiced up at The Juice Bar a few weeks ago after my doctor’s appointment.  I was still weaksauce and could only have soft food so my Dad told me we had to try this new joint in Inwood Village.  We walked in and were totally confused by the menu because words like “kale” and “kombucha” are scary.  Normally this is where the people working would offer to help us but they just stared at us.  I finally settled on the Green Energy smoothie – coconut water, avocado, kale, cucumber and lemon.

The juicers were high-tech and the display refrigerators were stocked full of fresh fruit, vegetables and greek yogurt.  I stared at my reflection in the glass making faces with my bumpy tongue until my drink was ready.

They also had raw vegan goods on display including those from local company Hail Merry.  At one point in my life I really thought I was going to steer my diet towards vegan.  However, the tight bond I had with kimchi fries smothered in grilled pork got in the way.

It actually took a long time to get my smoothie.  So much so that at one point I almost asked if they forgot about me.  There must have been a cucumber malfunction or they were distracted by me making faces.  Either way I was excited when I got my drink.  It looks delicious right?  Looks can be deceiving though.  Now, before I tell you that it tasted like liquid vegetables, let me tell you that the other two customers that came in had just worked out.  We had not just worked out unless you count sweating in the chair of the oral surgeon’s office because the window faces the sun and you’re scared that the doctor is going to tell you to go back on an all smoothie diet.  I bet if I had just run 8 miles this would have tasted like heaven.  Since I don’t feel like I can give you a proper review, I will go run 8 miles and get back to you.  Just kidding it was really expensive so I’ll just drink water and go get kimchi fries.

I actually ended up disposing of most of my smoothie because I just wasn’t feeling it.  I pretended like my mouth hurt and whined that I was still hungry so my Dad would take me to lunch too.  I know I’m 31 but why don’t doctors have toy boxes anymore?  When I was little, the only reason I would have ever subjected myself to wearing head gear was because I got to pick a toy out of the treasure chest at the orthodontist’s office.  I didn’t even care about all the names I was called on the playground.  I just showed them the sweet plastic toy I got and they shut up.  Nowadays, plastic toy = lunch in Las Colinas.

We hit up Zeytin Mediterranean Grill for a little falafel.  I wanted doner but needed something I didn’t have to chew as much.  My Dad also ordered falafel in the form of a sandwich.  Have you noticed I’ve been on a falafel kick lately?  What can I say, it must be my Turkish roots.  I’m actually Austrian which explains why I can do such a great impression of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

I digress.  The falafel was a wee bit overcooked in my opinion.  I don’t want it super crispy on the outside.  Granted, I had to cut this up into baby bites to eat but still.  The tabbelouh was awesome.  Excellent seasoning and very fresh.  Same with the hummus and the tatziki dipping sauce.

Can you tell I was excited to have clearance to eat more food?  I ordered the rice pudding for lunch dessert.  The owner told me the batch they had out was no good (huh?) so he would bring me another one.  He actually brought both my Dad and I our own individual servings.  I think these might have been test batches that he had in the fridge?  The top of the pudding looked like it had a plastic film on it as if it had been refrigerated and congealed.  But it also looked like they tried to turn it into creme brulee.  The actual pudding tasted good but the top freaked me out.

They make their own pita bread in this special oven and it was pretty tasty.  They keep a fresh batch out for the lunch buffet.

The best part of the meal was when the owner and rest of the staff served themselves right off the buffet and sat down for their own lunch.  That right there is a good sign.  I would definitely go back and eat here if I worked in the area or was visiting but would not make a special trip across town again.

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Ice October 6, 2012 at 2:21 pm

That juice looks nasty yo


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