I Still Act 5 Sometimes

by sara on September 5, 2012

My cousin Jamie tried to hide out until the Texans left town but we finally bribed her to come visit with honey sticks.

After getting hopped up on sugar sqlurps we hit up a Chinese joint for lunch.  It was all going great until Jamie found a hair in her entree and then Gigglefest 2012 started up.

I think the way our family deals with anything horrifying is to simply laugh hysterically until you start crying.  Then people don’t know which way to turn.  But they do remember to wear a hairnet next time.

To get over our traumatic lunch experience, we played Bananagrams.  I won.  Not that it matters.  (It matters)

I snacked on garlic cheese curds to get the hair taste out of my mouth even though technically the hair wasn’t in my dish.  After seeing it though, everything looked/tasted hairy.

My grandmother was worried about me after the nervous fit of laughter and over-exertion from my dominant Bananagrams win so she took my blood pressure.  I tried to get her attention with fake magazine glue snot but she didn’t notice.  To any potential companies looking to hire me, please note that my blood pressure was perfect.

Nurse Evy also had perfect stats.  What can I say about our family?  We’re kind of awesome.

Finally my Dad tricked my Grams by making a gigantic sneeze sound and she looked over and puke/lollergarbl’d all at once!!!

After prank wars we went on another bike ride.  Did I mention we like biking?  My Dad wears a size 16 shoe so the fact that he can ride a bike is pretty much a miracle.  Let’s see you put on clown shoes and pedal fast.

This particular bike path followed the power lines but it was still pretty.

We sent my mom a tongue bump update pic with pretty backdrop scenery so she wouldn’t be too scared.

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Ice September 7, 2012 at 3:46 pm

That hair’s there for extra flavor. It’s so pretty in IL!


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