I’m Good Enough, Smart Enough and Gosh Darnit People Like Me!

by sara on September 13, 2012

Boy did I have a doozie of a day the other day.  It started with a chai latte all over the microwave.  Spending $4.60 for one at Starbucks doesn’t seem like a good idea while I’m unemployed so I bought the Tazo mix at Costco.  Doesn’t taste as good and explodes if it gets too frothy.  I’ll probably switch to orange juice b/c it’s hard to screw that up.

Then, instead of playing on my tricycle, I had to go in and interview for a big girl job at a marketing company.  It was going great for the first few people I met with.  Then, one of the guys asked me what I think the population of France is.  Say whaaaa?  Did you meant to say what are your strengths and weaknesses?  I was so taken aback that I turned to mush right there on the spot.  I answered a million people.  Then he told me that he’s pretty sure France is the size of Texas so now what is my answer.  I WAS SO NERBUS.  (by the way, the population of France is around 65 million.  when the F did that happen?  and if that’s true, why the H have they not won more Olympic medals?)  The questions got worse.  They asked me how many degrees from the hour hand to the minute hand on the clock if it is 3:15.  Then how many hospitals I think are in the United States.  Then if a lily pad is doubling in a pond every day and the pond is full on the 48th day, when is the pond half full.  Some of you may be able to get these off the top of your head but imagine two grown men staring at you while you are under a spotlight in the conference room trying to think back to high school and wondering if everything is a trick question.  I freaked.  But apparently I didn’t freak too bad b/c they want me to come in again and meet the President and some other people.  The position (marketing data analyst) really sounds interesting but the commute and long hours scare me.  Good story?

When I came home, Jason was hanging on the roof having a beer with Inflatable Ben Wallace.  I told him how dumb I felt for not knowing how many Frenchies there are so he asked if he could take me to sushi to make me feel better.  Don’t gotta ask me twice.

We hit up the Blue Fish in Allen and sat on the patio because we are super trendy.  Started off with a little salmon sashimi.  Oh boy did this hit the spot.  I always order a bunch of rolls but after the sashimi comes out I regret not just getting a platter of assorted fatty fish to save the carbs.

We also ordered the Sundae roll and the Volcano roll.  Unfortunately my taste buds have been whack after my tongue surgery because I thought some of the rolls were bland.  Jason said I was craycray and that the only way to get my mouth back to normal was to eat more gelato.

He was right.  The sea salt caramel had healing powers.

Has anyone seen Enzo?  I sure would like somebody to go for a run with me.  Wish he was around.  J/k he never leaves my side.  I wonder what life was like before velcro Vizslas?  I can’t remember but I’m pretty sure I got more done.

Riley thinks if she hides in the tall grass that the bunnies will come to her.  They don’t but it’s cute.

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Ice October 6, 2012 at 2:24 pm

I think that last pic belongs in a picture frame. I would’ve been sweating damn buckets in an interview like that. Geeeeeeebus!


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