Jesus Class

by sara on September 1, 2012

Is there anything more adorable than old people?  Not my grams – she’s clearly the youngest of the bunch – but check out Joe in his studly pants and tie.  Joe is a member of my grandmother’s church and I’ve seen him every time I’ve gone up to visit and he’s never changed.  That’s about 25 years of looking like a straight up stud.

Talk about mega bonus points…my Dad and I went to Jesus Class with my Grams before the actual church service  At one point they flashed something on the screen that said “Who killed Jesus?” and I thought it was going to be a First 48 episode.  It was weird being the only person there under the age of 87 but we actually had a lot to talk about because I love oatmeal too.

As you can see, Jesus Class was a riot.  Homeboy #1 fell asleep through the whole thing, Joe kept yawning which made me have to yawn and the other dude raised his hand at the end of the video and asked a question that had nothing to do with what we had just learned and prompted a discussion on why people are trying to prevent the building of mosques in certain areas.  I really like my grandmother’s church because they actually have open discussions and thought provoking sermons and donuts and OJ after the service.

My grams is a rockstar and was hand selected (out of thousands)(sorta like American Idol) to pass out the weekly bulletins before the 10am service.

In the Catholic church, you’re not supposed to receive communion if you aren’t a certified Catholic or if you’ve been naughty and haven’t been to confession.  The Methodists share with everyone though so we had our choice of regular or gluten-free body of Christ.  No joke – there was gluten-free.

After church we went to the grocery store to pick up some ingredients to make Vietnamese sandwiches.  We were going to pick up some waffle snacks too but nobody had time for them.

The cutest thing ever was when my Grams wanted a toy for being so good at church.

It’s an Angry Bird slap band!  Best ever!

When we got home, my brother and his girlfriend came over because they were also in town visiting!  This was the first time we had met Tony’s girlfriend so to break her in my Dad immediately put them to work and made them mow the lawn.  With a push mower.

So nice to meet you!  Sarree.  She was really sweet and actually liked mowing.  I felt bad because even after mowing we did about another hours worth of yard work.  Welcome to the family!

The reward for hard work was deep dish pizza from Lou Malnati’s but I forgot to take a picture so I’ll show you my delicious sandwich with about 40 different kinds of veggies including hot peppers.

Also we played show and tell and I showed everyone my Gorch Fock from 1958.

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Janice September 7, 2012 at 2:39 pm

Seriously your grandma is SO freakin adorable! Can she be my grandma too??


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