My Most Favorite Time of Year

by sara on September 11, 2012

It’s my absolute most favorite time of the year and I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am to finally be able to run outside and lose the 40 lbs I gained while complaining about the heat and eating ice cream to cool off.  Also, September kicks off big time Texas event season starting with Oktoberfest and the Texas State Fair.

Last year I randomly ran into my Godparents at Addison’s Oktoberfest near the Bier Garten.  My Godfather is 90 and still playing tennis!  They are both straight up legit German and have been known to throw back a pint or two.  They are also the sweetest couple you will ever meet.

I am also excited about the crave case of strudel I intend on buying.

Last year we also made it to McKinney’s Oktobefest where my friend Lauren entered her dachshund, Ellie, into the wiener (lol) dog races.  Watching these is pretty hilarious.  I can only imagine how funny they are if you’ve had 5 beers.

Isn’t it a requirement for the guy in every relationship to win the girl a giant stuffed animal or basketball?  Jason hasn’t done this for me yet.  He teases by posing next to them but I think this year needs to be the year where I make him drag a 7′ stuffed gorilla on his back for an hour while I eat sauerkraut.

In October, the day before Halloween to be exact, it’s my BROTHER’S BIRTHDAY!!!!  Despite what the picture below might indicate, he is actually a very successful business leader in Austin and not a dinosaur on PCP.

The day after my bro “matures” another year, it’s frickin Halloween #2!  Since this is the first year in our new house, we intend on going all out and giving away big candy bars.  We’re gonna make the kids on our block think we are the dopest neighbors around.  Then next year we’re gonna hit ’em with peppermints.  Like I always say, keep ’em guessing.

It’s almost like the party never stops.  The very next day, my Oklahoma dreamboat turns the BIG 3-0!!!  This is the cake we got him a few years ago.  It was a last minute Baskin Robbins purchase that tasted like cookies ‘n cream flavored cardboard.  This year we’re going to Vegas to celebrate!!  And maybe get married!

I have to stay in shape in November because our annual tradition will continue on Thanksgiving morning when we will run the 8  mile Turkey Trot in downtown Dallas.  Last year my brother ran it with us!  I say with us but he took off and ditched us right around the mile mark.  It’s times like these where family togetherness is so important.

I can hardly contain my excitement about the return of peppermint milkshakes at Fat Straws.  Thank God they only have these seasonally because I would need gastric bypass otherwise.  They are one of my most favorite treats of the holiday season.

Peppermint milkshake season also coincides with COOKIE SEASON!!  I can’t wait to make my special burned, stucked together whoops was I supposed to add sugar cookies!  Ok so clearly I can’t bake but I can still throw parties and eat everyone else’s cookies!

My all time favorite month is December.  I get to deck out the new house with Christmas decor including my favorite one legged Santa ornament.  I got him at Kohl’s for $.10 because he was missing a leg.  I kinda think I still got ripped off at $.10 but now that I think about it, I would have paid $10 for him.

Also, it’s the return of awkward family photos!  Jason LOVES posing with me.  We’re so cutesy!

The most obvious exciting part of Christmas is the gift giving.  I never buy myself anything so I’m extremely easy to shop for (puppies) but with Jason we actually have to put some thought into it.  Which is why we get him Arby’s gift cards!

And gingerbread boxers!

Last but not least, my adorable twin monsters are turning 6!  I am easing Jason into accepting me as crazy dog lady and I’m hoping this year he’ll let me throw them a birthday party.  Just kidding.  Maybe.  Call me if you wanna come.  It’s gonna be epic.


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Janice September 11, 2012 at 10:51 pm

GAH white ppl love the holidays. Dude it ain’t even october yet. There are filing deadlines to meet! I love Christmas though on the reals. I hate Halloween, my mama told me it’s the devil’s birthday.


Mommie (Dearest) September 14, 2012 at 1:03 pm

OK, Daughter – – you have me and half the staff at the office rollong w/laughter.
b/t/w/ – – I’M the one who gave J-Man the Arby’s Cards, and he never even took me to lunch! Some S-I-Law HE’s gonna make………someday……..whenever……
if it ever happens………….possibly……………maybe.
luv U


Janice October 6, 2012 at 2:55 pm

I love your moms response


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