by sara on September 12, 2012

I have some new obsessions I thought I would share with you.  First, Chicken 65 at Iravat.  Oh my dear God.  We ordered it spicy and yes please it is spicy.  My forehead was sweating but I didn’t care.  It was so flippin good.  This was an appetizer portion too.  I’m scared to think what would have happened to me if I had ordered the entree.  I’d probably still be sitting in an ice bath.

I almost didn’t want to get the chicken 65 taste out of my mouth but we also ordered their chicken tikka masala and chana masala to share.  Their portions are large so plan on taking some home.  Both of these were incredible as well.  I cannot wait to go back and try one of everything on the menu.

My only complaint was that the waiter who took our order did not write it down.  I HATE IT WHEN PEOPLE DO THAT!  99% of the time they get the order wrong.  It drives me bonkers.  I almost want to whip out a post-it note and say “oh you know what I wrote it down for you just in case!”  I know they are trying to show off but I am actually more impressed with getting my order right then subpar memorization skills.  And of course, we ordered garlic naan but they brought out regular 🙁

Enzo and Riley have been doing a lot of this lately:

I feel really bad because we’ve been cooped up inside for about 3 months due to the heat.  We finally have cooler weather (read: high of 90) so we’ve ventured out on a couple runs.  MY PUPPIES ARE SO HAPPY!  We have missed running so much.  I actually felt a smile creep up on my face when running home this morning.  I wish I could show you the demeanor of Enzo before and after a run.  If I can capture his hippy hop dance routine by the front door you guys will crack up laffin.

To reward ourselves after our first epic run of the season, we picked up some Mogio’s pizza.  I am obsessed with Murphy sunsets.  It’s so nice to not have buildings in the way of such a pretty sky!  Don’t worry, they just broke ground on a new Walmart.  We’re moving soon.

Half Italian sausage for the man, half chicken and roma tomatoes for the chick.

The girl on the phone convinced me to try the dessert apple strudel pizza with cannoli on top.  Hate to say it but it ruined it.  That’s the last time I trust some high schooler with a dessert prank.

I am also obsessed with whatever this plant is.  Does anyone know what this is, where to buy it, how to plant it, how to take care of it and if it is as awesome as I think it is?

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Jan October 6, 2012 at 2:49 pm

Damn the Murphs is baller! I don’t remember seeing sunsets like that in McKinney 🙁


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