Our Trip to Sandwich for Pizza

by sara on September 1, 2012

My grandmother’s sister, Ruth, turned 89 (they are both champions) so we drove over to Sandwich, Illinois to have celebration lunch with her.  They both were born and raised in Sandwich so it is always neat to visit and see the places they frequented growing up.  We are never ones to show up empty handed so we picked up a pretty bouquet at Trader Joe’s on our way.

Ruth has a nurse, Olga, that takes care of her during the day and she was an amazing hostess.  She even made adorable designs with the fruit and salad!

They even had Rosati’s pizza already delivered when we got there.  I first had Rosati’s about 10 years ago in Elburn, IL and it was amazing.  They started franchising though and the quality went bleh.  The pizza was alright but it was nothing like I remember.

After seeing my Dallas grandmother in an Alzheimer’s facility, it is so refreshing to see my grandmother and her sister still being able to live at home.  It’s a big motivator for me to stay healthy and take care of myself as best I can.  There’s nothing we can do if we start to lose our memory but I think we owe it to ourselves to at least stay fit.  One of my former co-workers brought up a good point on Facebook today.  There is so much talk of who to vote for in the upcoming Presidential election and what they can do for us.  His point was – what can we do for ourselves?  I realize JFK posed this same question years ago but it rings true again today.  We have a healthcare crisis yet we continue to gorge ourselves and not exercise.  We have an unemployment problem yet these IDIOTS keep QUITTING THEIR JOBS WITH NOTHING LINED UP.  Hi.  Don’t worry, I have an interview Tuesday.

Ruth’s neighborhood was so peaceful.  The houses were set way back on the lot and they had huge trees lining the streets.

Sorry just wanted to document my Dad’s swollen Croc gout foot.

This is a picture of my grandmother when she was in her 20’s.  Is she not gorgeous?

She hasn’t changed a bit.  Still looks like a model in her 90’s.

We had the gang back together and I wanted to bust out the drum set but unfortunately we had plans to go tour the town.

Like most small towns, they had an adorable town square lined with shops and restaurants.

Here is Evy in front of her elementary school that still stands today.  She probably had a ton of detentions here.  Just kidding, she’s perfect.

We’re actually missing the Sandwich Fair this weekend and I’m ticked we weren’t able to make it.  It’s supposed to be epic.

After stopping by the Fairgrounds, we made our way down the street to pay our respects to my grandmother’s parents at the cemetery.  No pictures of the grave because that’s weird so here is a picture of a tree with the light shining through.  By the way, thanks to the Kardashians episode, my family is talking about burial plots now.  Thanks Kris Jenner.

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Janice September 7, 2012 at 2:57 pm

So awesome! Yay for home nurses & bamf fruit arrangements. Hope your dad’s gout is ok, my dad gets that pretty frequently too cuz his diet consists of shrimp, wine, and chocolate.


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