Road Trip To Edmond

by sara on September 28, 2012

Jason’s annual family reunion was last weekend in Tulsa so we drove up on Saturday to spend the weekend with his native peoples.  Enzo and Riley were scared pantsless that they were going to get left behind so they guarded the suitcase while we packed.

Before we hit the highway we stopped for a bagel and lox at Einstein’s.  We like to test our relationship by going on 3.5 hr road trips with stinky fish breath.  The puppies were all waaargaarbl that we had food and they didn’t so Jason got them their own special treat.

All that begging wore Riley out.  Remind me to get drool cleaner for the seats.

Once we got to Edmond, we were super fungry so we headed over to Cafe 501 for a quick bite.  I had the strawberry and crispy goat cheese salad.  That fritter looking thing is the chunk of fried goat cheese.  I’ve never had it fried before and I have to admit it was pretty delicious.  For the price ($10.99), I was expecting a much bigger salad.  However, we had big plans to stuff our face at dinner so it was probably best that I eat like a gerbil.

After lunch we hit up a new grocery store called Uptown Grocery Co to check it out and pick up some brownie mix for the family reunion on Sunday.  They had a dude playing live music when you walked in!

We got back to Jason’s mom’s house and watched the Bird Sitter DVD while we waited to get hungry again for dinner.  Do you know how insane my dogs would be if I left this playing one day while we were gone?  We’d come back and they’d probably be wedged on top of each other in the chimney trying to escape.

The best part of our visit was checking out the hottie pics of young Jason.  What a studmuffin!

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Jan October 6, 2012 at 2:12 pm

I didnt know Jason was in the Backstreet Boys!


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