Saying Goodbye With Super Sad Face

by sara on September 7, 2012

Neither my Dad nor I wanted to leave Napes but my stupid tongue bump had us all nervous and Jason needed a break from our 2 Vizsla monsters and my mommy missed my daddy.

I get my charming good looks from my Grams.  I know it’s hard to believe but it’s all natural.

We finally stopped crying after about 4 hours and right around that time my Dad told me to bust out the phone and take pictures of the windmills.  While doing so, we missed our exit to take the Memphis route back to Texas.  He tried to blame me for not paying attention but Mr. Needy just had to have random windmill pictures. Oh and if you know anything about my sense of direction (lack thereof) you would find it hilarious that he was relying on me for navigation.  It would be like asking Milli Vanilli to help you write a song.  Cool windmill shot though right?

Thanks to missing the turn, we had to take a different exit and ended up driving through a small town with Cadillac golf carts.

The guy that owned this was across the street at the convenience store probably buying pixie sticks and started smiling at me when he saw me taking pictures of it.  I got nervous b/c he looked like Kenny Rogers (they all do) so I quickly got back in my Dad’s car.

Don’t worry, we still got the guy’s name, number and email address.  And yes, it is for sale.  Holla if you need the digits.

We drove another few hours and then I saw a sign for EFFINGHAM, Illinois.  My Dad asked if we should stop to eat.  Um, EFF YEAH!  A quick Yelp search hinted that we were destined for fast food so we did what any reasonable person would do and stopped at Culver’s because they had frozen custard.  Priorities.  You guys know my feelings on fried greasy food but when you’re road tripping, you have to put all health concerns aside and start off any order with fried cheese curds.

I don’t know if I was channeling my inner fatty or what but these cheese curds dipped into ranch was like dipping an Olympic gold medal into a chocolate fountain.

I ordered the chicken salad sandwich with a side of crinkle cut fries and a diet Coke because I was watching my waistline.  The chicken salad sandwich was good but I could tell it had at least 700 calories from mayonnaise and another 675 from the buttered bread.  I didn’t care though b/c I already knew I was having dessert and as Metallica once said, nothing else matters.

My Dad also pretended like he was eating healthy by ordering a veggie burger.  Pretty cool that they offered that on the menu in the middle of a farm state.  “Hey what are those unhealthy fried onion rings doing on there?”  …”Shut up Sara.”

You’re probably looking at this picture wondering…where are all the people?  If you look at it closer, you’re probably wondering…why is everyone in the back room?  FRICKIN BINGO DAY AT CULVER’S THAT’S WHY!  Every Efffingham resident over the age of 70 was inside Culver’s that day for Bingo.  How awesome is that?  I was slightly frustrated that I only realized it was Bingo Day as we were leaving.  It was probably a good thing since I would have demanded that we stay for at least a few hours.

My consolation prize was the most amazing vanilla concrete with Heath bar bits.  It was ridiculously good.

We continued on our trek and passed a bridge in I don’t know where.  Good story.

I have to wonder if this is a mass produced decal or if they had it custom made?  Either way, they stole the saying from my friend Huzy and he needs his royalty check.

The sun started to go down and I got excited because that meant we were approaching the safe haven of the Lone Star State.

Only a few more hours and we saw the glorious Dallas skyline.  We were home!  But we were sad face because we already missed Grandma 🙁

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Janice September 11, 2012 at 11:24 am

Glad you had a nice visit with your grams! Please eat fried food more than once a year. You can’t call yourself Texan if you don’t. Haters are indeed gonna hate.


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