September Oktoberfest

by sara on September 27, 2012

On Friday last week we had a date night planned for Addison’s Oktoberfest so I decided to take the puppies for a run to wear them out.  We are so glad we don’t have kids right now so we can still go out and have fun but I don’t know any other couple that treats their dogs more like kids than we do.  Our lives revolve around these dang dogs.  They’re SO CUTE THOUGH!  Everybody is celebrating the cold front that hit town but it was still pretty cookin so I got out the puppy pool when we got back (not spoiled).

All I had to eat so far that day was oatmeal and a small chai latte so I was starving by the time we got to Addison.  The line for potatoes was a bagillion people long so we started off with a couple of doner wraps so I wouldn’t have a complete melt down.  Jason was still nervous that I might start biting people if I didn’t get more food in me so he got a beer to calm his nerves while I waited in the potato line.

I wonder how much sweat gets in the food at these festivals.  On a side note, the potatoes tasted like they had a secret salty ingredient!

They were cooking huge batches of these so when it was our turn to get a bowl it literally came hot off the skillet.  There was no warning on the bowl so of course I took a huge bite and burned the roof of my mouth.  My mom always told me I may not be the brightest but if I wear neon I can at least look bright.  The potatoes had canned tomatoes, sausage and onions mixed in but I honestly couldn’t tell you how this tasted b/c I scalded my tastebuds.  That’s right, even after burning my mouth, I continued to take bites.

Once Jason got his beer, he strapped on his head lamp and was ready to go spelunking.

We headed into the Kiddy Area so Jason could win me a stuffed animal.  But first, we made a pitstop at Memaw’s Sugar Shack to remind ourselves why we should buy organic.  Huh?

We’ve had a few people offer to take engagement photos for us but I don’t know why when clearly we can take professional looking self portraits with the iPhone.

You’re not gonna believe this but Jason didn’t even attempt to waste his money on the crooked basketball hoop to try to win me an Obama basketball or Dallas pillow.  RUDE.

I don’t make any money right now so I have to rely on old Jobby McJobberson if I’m going to win anything or get any new pets.  My last effort attempt at an Oktoberfest souvenir was the ping pong ball toss to win a goldfish.  I had it named and everything.

No dice.

We actually decided it was better to go home with our bellies full of funnel cake and strudel rather than waste our his hard earned money on some stuffed banana with a reggae hat and dreads.

I actually REALLY wanted this

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Janice October 6, 2012 at 2:16 pm

Ewwwwwww sweaty potatoes


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