Veggie Fest Part One

by sara on September 5, 2012

We had just walked into Veggie Fest when I saw this photo opp and knew we had come to the right place.

Veggie Fest was basically the exact opposite of the State Fair of Texas.  It was held on the grounds of the Science of Spirituality Meditation Center in Naperville, had a food court full of fresh vegetarian snacks and from the looks of things, very few attendees had diabetes.  There were even demos including how to sprout things!  I’m not sure what sprouting is but I do go to a grocery store sometimes called Sprouts.

The most awesome moment of the festival was when the MAYOR OF NAPERVILLE came up to MY GRANDMOTHER and said “EVY!  SO GOOD TO SEE YOU!”  She is so famous and awesome and loved by everyone!  He even asked me to get his picture taken with Evy!  If I’m even 1/4th as awesome as my grandmother, I’ll be pretty content with my life.

I was so impressed with my grandmother’s fame that I bought her a coconut drink.

Then we headed over to the Art of Dosa tent where I fell in love with everything about Indian cooking.

They had a couple of ladies making fresh dosas on the grill.  Dosa babes, if you will.

Dosas are crepes made from rice batter and lentils.  They are perfect to scoop up curry or dip in soup or chutney or stuff with potato or lentil mixtures.

Here we have masala dosa with sambar, potato and coconut chutney and a glorious soup.  I honestly could have eaten 10 plates of this.  I’m glad Jason wasn’t there because he probably would have dumped me for one of the Dosa babes.

A few cups of fresh squeezed lemonade only made the meal even better.

The falafel tent was also calling my name and I couldn’t be rude and ignore it so I added a pita to the bill.

The falafel was spicy and some of the best I’ve had.  I probably say that a lot but I’m serious this time.

In case you are new to Foodgarbl, I get all my fashion tips from my Dad.  All of our tshirts were free and came from donating blood or platelets or running a race.  Also we only have 3 outfits that we rotate.  The rotation is not frequent.

My Dad actually got his fashion tips from my grandmother.  She taught us that it is ok to have all YMCA branded outfits and that your going out shirt needs to have Guatemalan children holding hands around the world.

There was a fresh juicing station and the guys doing the juicing put all of the waste in compost bins.  Veggie Fest knew what they were doing.  Unfortunately, there was a village idiot who walked by and thought it was trash and threw his plate in there.  Can’t win ’em all.

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Janice September 7, 2012 at 3:49 pm

We def need veggiefest here in Texas instead of the what-else-can-we-fry State Fair.


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