Veggie Fest Part Two

by sara on September 5, 2012

Veggie Fest was a food festival, after all, so I continued eating.  Aladdin and his crew were grilling up some spectacular tofu kebabs.

The aroma coming from the grill was something I wish they made in deodorant form.  I would make Jason wear it and I would seek shelter for my face in his armpit.

I don’t know why but this picture cracks me up.  I think I found the Indian Michael Jackson.

Yanni was there too.

If any readers know what is in these bottles please tell me immediately.

The special sauces and mystery powder were poured/sprinkled on top of the tofu kebabs served on the most amazing fresh bread hot off the grill.  Is the powder garam masala? Dirt?  Spongebob squaredust?

I turn around for two seconds and my Dad and Grandmother had already wandered off to the marijuana tent.

It wasn’t really a doobie tent but they were selling hemp seeds and they gave my Grandma a sticker to wear that says “Cousin Mary Jane.”  I asked her if I could see it and then I put it in my purse so I could wear it to my next job interview.

You guys like my new shorts?

You KNOW there was some spiritual beet juice talk going on here.  Also nice fanny pack.

There’s one at every festival.  Drunk vegan hippie tree hugger FTW!

I leave you with my Dad walking my Grandmother back to the car after our bellies were full of veggie magic.  Twas an excellent festival.

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Janice September 7, 2012 at 5:00 pm

That last pic of your dad & grandma is seriously SO SWEET! Please buy those vegan shorts for when you run!


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