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by sara on October 14, 2012

I had to pick up my Dad from the doctor a few days ago and he was super hungry so we went down the street to Start, a new restaurant on Greenville Avenue in Dallas.  Start’s claim to fame is fresh, healthy food fast.

I grabbed the fork and we headed inside.

The inside is very modern and looks like an Ikea/Z Gallerie/Pinterest mash up.  There was a bird theme for some reason and they even sold bird houses.  Whenever new restaurants do something offbeat like that I always assume they are a drug front.  It’s up to them to prove me wrong.  Just like the justice system.

We started off with a blueberry mini loaf ($2.50).  I could tell right away that it was made with 100% whole wheat flour because it has a distinct taste.  I do prefer whole wheat flour mostly but you have to make sure to have plenty of wet ingredients and this mini loaf came off too dry for my liking.

Big props to Start for using environmentally friendly packaging.  They even have paper, plastic and trash receptacles.  It is very easy to follow along with most other restaurants and create more waste but Start is trying to break the mold.

While we were waiting on our food, two of the chefs walked to the convenience store to get a bag of chips and a bottle of Squirt.  I thought it was hilarious that they go buy junk food when we are sitting in a restaurant trying to tout healthy, organic, fresh made food.  Hey when you have a craving for Squirt and a bag of Takis Fuego sometimes you gotta go for it.

Next up was an order of the silver dollar pancake sandwiches ($3).  These whole wheat pancakes were served with veggie sausage and maple butter.  My Dad and I both had one of these and honest to God we did not realize it was veggie sausage.  They were pretty tasty.

Normally when I eat pancakes I leave feeling like I just swallowed a rhino but these were the perfect size.

The only weird part was eating these on paper.  They do serve them on a plate but my concern was if I could still recycle the paper after I’ve drenched the pancakes in syrup?  I had so many recycling questions!  Actually a lady walked by us and said hi and we thought it was weird but I came to find out she was the owner.  I wish she had actually stopped and talked to us.  I would have asked her for a job.

After the pancakes I had a pb & banana sandwich ($3.50).  This consisted of sliced bananas on a whole wheat muffin slathered with peanut butter and drizzled with local honey.  It was definitely good but like everything we ate that morning, it was all things I could make at home.  Nothing stood out like “OMG you guys HAVE to go to START for their english muffins with bananas!”  I had an idea a few years ago to open a healthy fast food joint just like a Wendy’s but with all healthy food and I feel like Start is trying to do that as well.  Since many of the items are made to order I wonder how quickly you can get your meal in the drive-thru.  At least someone in this city is trying to fix us, even if we do overeat and even end up going next door for more food afterwards.  Whoops.

I had already been to Rusty Taco once with my co-workers when I worked downtown and I told my Dad that it was not worth the hype but he insisted we try it out again.  He was buyin so I was game.  There weren’t too many people in there because it was early and most SMU students were still hungover.

We were surprised when one of the chefs called out our order after we had only sat for a few minutes.  Our first sign that it was strange was that they put our order in a to-go sack.  Maybe they wanted us to leave?

The first taco we pulled out was not one we ordered.  We were confused.

My Dad took the bag back up to the counter and explained that he thought we got someone else’s order but oops we kinda already manhandled the tacos.  The guy seemed confused but said he’d have our order right up.  He even let my Dad keep the taco that he put his grubby mitts all over.

After a few more minutes another chef called out our order so I went up to get it.  I took the tray back to the table and asked my Dad if they gave us the tacos again from the first order.  We only ordered 3.  There were 5 on this tray.  Only 1 of the tacos on this tray was one we actually ordered.  Again, I went back up to the counter and told them I think they got our order wrong again.  At this point I just wanted a donut.

We finally got our order and it was mad weaksauce just as I remembered.  Sprinkling cheese on at the end so it doesn’t melt?  FAIL.  The potatoes and eggs were both bland.  They do offer sauces to put on the tacos but sauce should enhance flavor not try and mask the blandness that lies underneath.

My Dad was not impressed with his fajita breakfast taco either.  Someday he’ll listen to my food advice.

The only cool thing about Rusty Taco is the beer trays they serve the food in.  Cool beer trays won’t get me to go back to a restaurant though.

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Janice November 27, 2012 at 11:55 pm

Good to know rusty taco still sucks cuz I haven’t been back after that one time we all went


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