BOGO – Furr’s “Fresh” Buffet

by sara on October 8, 2012

No, these next few pictures are not from our dining experience at Furr’s.  They are from one of our favorite restaurant/bars of the moment, Vickery Park.  We were good kids all week and cooked at home so we splurged this weekend and ate out almost every meal.  YOLO.

They tricked us and put the chopped pecans in the waffle batter (usually served on top) and Jason doesn’t like pecans so that just meant more for me.

I also ordered the crab cakes with side salad.  The crab cakes were nothing spectacular but the sauce was yummy and the side salad was absolutely delicious.

Jason would not stop raving about the biscuits and gravy.  I’m not sure if it was just because he had to eat my cooking all week or if they were just that good but you’d think he had just proposed to them.

I made Jason run with me on Saturday so I let him pick where we ate dinner too.  He had a hard time deciding between Furr’s Fresh Buffet and Golden Buffet next door.

Luckily I’ve trained him well so he found a Furr’s coupon on his phone and that made our decision easy.  BOLO for a BOGO.

My brother I know a guy that used to go to Luby’s in high school to gorge himself silly so he could intentionally throw up in people’s mailboxes.  I didn’t understand how anyone could do that to themselves until now.  After eating at Furr’s, I wanted to drive all over Highland Park Village throwing up on every Bentley.

Please, come with me on my culinary cafeteria adventure.  I started with the salad bar.  Luckily most of the patrons avoided this in favor of the fried chicken and ice cream machine so I didn’t have to fight a bunch of snotty kids or a family of pissed off long legged puerto ricans.  This is the salad you don’t dream of.

In contrast, here is Jason’s salad.  I didn’t know they made salad chimichangas.

Round 2 for me was all the vegetables I could find and a sweet potato (all meat options looked terrifying).  The fried okra had no flavor nor did anything else on the plate.  I’m pretty sure this is what my grandmother has to eat at the country club home everyday.  Now I know why she complains all the time.

Round 3 for me was fruit salad and a scoop of chicken salad.  Had to get some protein in there somewhere!  The chicken salad was actually not half bad but it scares me to think how much mayonnaise was in it.

Round 2 for Jason was the fried chicken, macaroni and a garlic cheddar biscuit.  It tasted like it looks.

Montel Williams was there.

Dessert was a slice of coconut cream pie.  It’s hard to screw up pie but the crust was kinda janky.  Nothing a few m&m’s couldn’t fix.  We actually had to hover around the dessert station to wait for them to bring out pies.  That was the case for almost all of the food stations throughout the night.  They must seat over a hundred people and they were definitely not putting food out fast enough to fulfill the appetites of Plano’s hungriest people.

We flipped the card over to let them know we were through.  No, we won’t see you tomorrow.  Or ever.

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Janice November 27, 2012 at 11:42 pm

Feeding trough ftw!


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