Simpler Times

by sara on October 11, 2012

A few days ago we took Riley to the vet to get some shots and have a bump on her back looked at.  Unfortunately, the results came back that the bump was a grade 1 mast cell tumor.  We just went through my tongue tumor scare so Jason was pretty upset.  That night all he wanted to do was snuggle with his dog and read Foodgarbl on his laptop.

The next day we took her back into the vet to be put under anesthesia and have the tumor and surrounding areas removed to be further tested.  Riley actually growled at the vet when he came over to her.  Atta girl.  She knew something was up because Jason was super nervous and I was trying to be opposite and pretend we were at the circus so she wouldn’t think anything was up.  I think the vet thought we were on drugs.

Jason went in to work so I decided to head over to Kolache Factory to pick up some breakfast treats to take back to Jason and his co-workers to get his mind off of his puppy for a bit.   I got 2 dozen but the only one I tried was jalapeno and holy smokes did it have a kick.  I will do a true garbl on it once we go back so I can take better pictures and tell you about how amazing the kolaches are.

I went home and ran Enzo to try to get some energy out of him so he wouldn’t go bonkers when we brought Riley back home.  It kinda didn’t work.  They were really excited to see each other.  After some yelling and boundary setting, we got Riley up on the couch so she could sleep.

Poor Frankenstein Bears now has a scar on her shaved back.  It’s actually perfect timing for Halloween.  I can’t wait to tell the trick-or-treaters that she was attacked by a zombie.

When Riley woke up the first time she whipped her head around and was like WTF GET IT OFF ME!  It reminded me of this time we were in downtown Chicago and this crackhead thought something was on his back so he yelled all the way down the street flailing his arms.  D.A.R.E. programs are a waste of money.   Just walk kids around Chicago and they’ll just say no.

I sent pictures of Riley every 5 minutes to Jason to prove that she was ok.  He could relate to how she was feeling because he was in a kolache food coma.

Poor Jaygarbl was a nervous wreck all day so he unwound with a few cans of Trader Joe’s Simpler Times when he got home.  Those were the days.

Enzo does not like having all the attention on another dog so he showed how cute he could be.  Not gonna lie, it shifted the focus for at least a few minutes.

I forgot, is this a food blog?  I think it is.  In that case, here is a picture of the bowl of quinoa chili I made in the crockpot.  We have a small crockpot (3 Qt) but I still made enough for the next 3 nights.  Luckily Jason is cheap like me so we convince ourselves we aren’t burned out on the same meal 4 days in a row to save money.

WARNING: FIANCE ADORABLENESS AHEAD.  Since I am on Riley duty and have to watch her like a hawk so she can’t roll around and bust open her stitches, Jason feels bad when he gets home and offers to take over.  I honestly don’t mind it and thank goodness we can still go on walks so I can wear her out.  I walked them over 7 miles today and came home to a goodie bag of awesomeness from my cutest, sweetest puppy daddy.  Sour patch kids, hot tamales and the most amazing Symphony milk chocolate, almond & toffee bit bars.

As if that wasn’t good enough, he also got mint chocolate chip, southern blackberry cobbler and vanilla ice cream.

There’s more (told you it was adorable).  He also got me a bouquet of flowers!  If you’re not sick to your stomach yet about how cute this is, allow me to tell you about our Slurpee dates.  We ride our bikes side by side singing “You are my sunshine” to each other all the way to 7-Eleven where he then goes in to get us a giant Slurpee to share Lady and the Tramp style.  All of that was true except the singing, Lady and the Tramp and side by side part.  Oh and sometimes he makes me pay.

To prove that we’re not always cutesy, please see the new spike strips we got on Amazon to get rid of the birds that won’t STFU on our chimney.

Lastly, we’ve been practicing laser goblin eyes for Halloween.  So far E&R can do them on command.  If the camera is in the right setting.

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Janice November 27, 2012 at 11:40 pm

I’m gonna go throw up now from the cutest of this post


mom April 13, 2013 at 7:45 am

I love to not read Foodgarbl for awhile, then tune in and get my “marathon” fix
of it on Sat morning with a cup of SinfulDelight coffee. Daughter……you are an
amazing writer. Wish I could take credit for that ability, but alas, all I did was to
give birth to you…..the rest is straight up your accomplishment. This particular
one was cute, funny, fadorable, and had a pic I had not seen before. Gotta go…..there
are 3 others I need to read before I can put my iPad down.


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