Texas State Fair 2012

by sara on October 6, 2012

Honestly, the first thing I thought we’d see walking into the Texas State Fairgrounds would be something fried.  I was shocked when it was actually a Chevy sponsored pitching challenge (don’t worry, there was fried stuff right around the corner).  Jason ALMOST made the leader board but I sneezed right as he threw it and I think I messed up the velocity.  Only 6 more mph and he would have been famous.

Aaah yes there it is.  Fried bubblegum.  WTF?  And if that doesn’t tickle your fancy you can get sausage on a stick or a foot long corn dog.

Our annual trip to the fair always includes a pit stop to say hi to Boris, the morbidly obese pig they have on display.  I heard rumor that there is going to be a shortage of bacon but I think Boris ought to last us awhile.

Big Tex was sporting some new Dickie’s threads this year.  Lookin good old man.

I like a little more junk in the trunk myself but at least they didn’t go with skinny jeans this year.

Big Tex is 52′ tall and can lift 875 lbs.  Also, I learned how to Photoshop.  WATCH OUT.

Speaking of motorized scooters, we tried the fried bacon cinnamon roll.  It tasted like a fried donut with powdered sugar and icing.

I needed something healthy to help wash down the grease so I got a Greek salad from the food court.  The dressing was awesome and it surprisingly tasted very fresh!

While we were in the food court we flipped through the fair guide they handed us at the entrance.  Oh good, a coupon for deep fried sugar cubes.  NO.

We walked over to the Midway to check out the games.  This year you have to buy a re-loadable card to play games.  Shouldn’t there be an app for that?  This chick and Lil Wayne actually got a ring on one of the bottles!  It was the first time we’d ever seen it happen.  The crowd went wild!  The lady started hoofin around so hardcore that I got scared and had to walk away.

I know what you’re thinking…Sara did you major in photography in college?  Do you have your own studio?  No, I actually majored in marketing (fail) and don’t have a job (winning).

We did not go on the ferris wheel because I am terrified of getting stuck in the air without access to food for over 5 minutes.  Oh and we’re cheap.

You can get dippin dots many places these days but I had a hankering for them so we split a cup.  Fun story: my Dad took me to New Orleans one year for the IAAPA (International Association of Amusement Parks) show because he had a client who built roller coasters.  At the show, they had all sorts of food vendors set up to try to get people to bring their products to their theme parks.  One vendor was Dippin Dots.  My dad and I circled that booth no less than 15 times.  We even watched to see when they switched people so we could get back in line.  Memories.

We walked around a lot more taking pictures and then noticed a crowd at the fried jambalaya tent.  Actually a ton of people were getting the fried pb&j sandwich which looked like a monte cristo all covered in powdered sugar.  We decided to try the jambalaya though because it was voted best tasting item this year.  It tasted like a boudin ball but was nothing special.  If you do want something special, try the boudin balls at Alligator Cafe.  They will make you wear overalls they’re so good.

My beat is bannanas.  B-A-N-N-wait…shoot…by the dawn’s early light…no…A-N-A-S!

Wanna hear another fun story?  I went to the fair with my friend in middle school and she wouldn’t ride any rides because she was a punk ass trick so I rode the pirate ship by myself.  After a few swings, I threw up everywhere.  And then I kept throwing up.  It’s important to know that the ride doesn’t stop if you are puking.  I still feel sorry for whoever had to clean that up.  Memories.

This poor girl might have won the stuffed Rangers bat but she was ready to go home.

The Fair was, as predicted, hilarious.  The food looked disgusting, the people were overweight, the smell was something you want to wash off, the carnies were missing teeth and the whole scene made you worry about America’s future.  However, we snagged some free Sensodyne samples on our way out and ended up with about 100 priceless photos that we couldn’t have taken anywhere else.

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Janice November 27, 2012 at 11:53 pm

Honey Boo Boo bacon fried cheese curds. The pirate ship was closed for puke cleanup when we walked by. I was already Gettin tipsy on $12 Miller Lite tho


mom April 13, 2013 at 10:38 am

this one made me laugh so hard (out loud) I almost woke up the Ffej-Meister.
Sara, this was one of your ALL TIME. BEST. Makes me proud that you’re mine.
You ARE mine, right?
Well of course you are……………..
Again, one of your best. And you are getting to be very accomplished at PhotoShopping. I actually BELIEVED Big Tex was holding you in his big hand.
Not to mention the offset of Mz ScooterBug.


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