The Saddest Festival That Ever Was

by sara on October 2, 2012

Saturday was one of the rainiest days we’ve had in a long time and it just so happened to coincide with Murphy Maize Days.  We wanted to support our town so we headed over to the festival grounds that afternoon.  They were expecting 10,000 people but when we got there around 3pm we were the 740, 741st visitors.  It was so sad.  Even the scarecrow gave up and fell over.

The food and drink vendors were all still set up when we got there but most of them were starting to pack everything up.  They must not have gotten the memo that Foodgarbl was in the hizzy.

The rain didn’t stop the Stevie Ray Vaughn cover band from jamming or the 7 people in attendance to rock out.  It was under this tent that Jason and I had our picture taken by (what we assume was) the local newspaper.  It could have been People Magazine though.  Murphy Maize Days is a big deal.  If we make the cover of something I’ll be sure to let everyone know (Fortune).

Considering the weathermen had predicted rain all day, they should have just changed the theme to Murphy Macon Days and had mud boggin, forklift foot races and a cheeseball eating contest.  I should run for Mayor.

We felt bad for the food vendors because they had a boatload of food and no one to buy it so we got a pulled pork sandwich.  The lady at the tent even said “just one?”  I was like “hey it ain’t my fault it rained.”  I might have moved way north but I still got southern Texas twang, baby.  Also I’ve been watching too much Honey Boo Boo.  The sandwich was really good!

Yeah, of course there was a VIP Pavilion.  I probably could have gone in but it’s hard to hang with VIP’s so much at my age.

I still stopped for a picture.  A very important picture.

There were restrooms (just documenting so I’ll know how to make it better next year when I’m Mayor).

The event I was most excited for, Punkin’ Chunkin’, was not even happening.  Oh well, it saved me a dollar.

They were supposed to have cutouts of city counsel members sticking out of the grass and if you hit them with your pumpkin you won a prize.  When I am Mayor, no one will be able to throw a pumpkin at me.  That’s just rude.  As a matter of fact, I will be throwing the pumpkins at festival goers.  What’s up now.

These sad pants scarecrows pretty much sum up Murphy  Maize Days.  A wet, floppy disappointment.  Or at least, that’s what she said.

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Janice October 4, 2012 at 7:05 am

You guys are troopers for going out there. Sara Schum for mayor in 2013!


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