Trader Joe’s Rules

by sara on October 2, 2012

So I know I write about food a lot on here but I am by no means an expert.  In fact, I normally have a panic attack the second I walk into a grocery store.  I literally go blank and have no idea what to buy mostly because I don’t know what to do with it.  Sure, I could look at recipes and just buy everything according to the instructions but I am really busy and don’t have time for that.  Enter Trader Joe’s.  It’s going to save my almost marriage.  They have prepared foods, chopped vegetables, sauces, dips, dressings, bread, desserts, cookie butter, beer, yogurt and so many more things.  Most items are their own brand but it is top quality.  Many items are also organic.  It’s seriously worth the hype in my opinion.  Especially if you don’t know what you’re doing or don’t have a lot of time to make every Pinterest recipe.  Here is a sampling of what we bought on our first trip to the Plano Trader Joe’s.

Quinoa and Black Bean infused Tortilla Chips.  UNREAL.  I’m buying these from now on.  We got these to go with the edamame hummus which is also phenomenal.  We might have also busted out the Trader Joe’s guacamole with them.

Frozen chopped basil.  They come in little cubes of frozen basil that you can dump in a sauce or pasta or whatevz!  It’s so genius!

Pre-made garlic and herb pizza dough.  I thought I would really like this but it got super thick once we cooked it and I prefer a thin crust.  I need to find my grandmother’s recipe for her whole wheat pizza dough because it is amazeballs.

We threw some of these fully cooked sweet Italian style chicken sausages on the pizza.  The dough was so thick that it was hard to taste any of the ingredients we put on top but I snuck a few pieces of these when I was cutting them up and they were tasty.  I prefer a spicier sausage though.

I loaded up on frozen prepared meals.  I do like to cook from scratch but when I’m retarded and don’t think about dinner until Jason gets home, it’s too late.  I can still hero though by throwing something in the microwave and telling him I slaved all day over it.

Have you guys ever had the garlic fries at Gordon Biersch?  They are bamftastic.  Here’s hoping these taste even remotely like them.
We bought a 3 pack of tikka massala at Costco so I picked up a package of frozen garlic naan to go with it.  Another quick easy meal.
This was probably a dumb buy considering I have 2 huge Costco size bags of quinoa in the pantry but this package has veggies already in it!  Man I’m lazy.  Also, someone please teach me how to cook.  At some point someone dropped me on my head and I’m pretty sure it wasn’t as a baby because I won the geography bee in 5th grade.  I beat a guy that ended up going to Duke.  Not to brag or anything.
The only times I’ve ever had kale have been from the Whole Food’s salad bar.  It was tasty so I bought some.  I don’t know what to do with it.  I’ll have to look up one of those recipe thingies.

Another easy meal – salmon burgers.  And healthy to boot!

Jason and I have been getting into a pretty good exercise regimen.  We run on Monday, Wednesday and Friday (or a weekend day) and go on bike rides on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  The bike rides have really helped my running by increasing my endurance and helping with breathing.  I actually didn’t like bike riding when I first bought my bike but I’ve finally found my groove and love it now.  I can’t wait to do a century ride.  All of that said, I want us to start eating more greens to help us stay healthy.  Ideally I would like to incorporate at least one veggie in every meal.  Trader Joe’s has tons of pre-cut veggies ready to to be seasoned and cooked.  I’m super excited about brussels sprouts.  I got my greens in tonight with mint chocolate chip ice cream.

You didn’t think we’d shop without getting some Asian flare did you?  Don’t be ridiculous.

These hamburger buns make me want to go to the beach, listen to the B-52’s and wear a poodle skirt!

It is fall after all and what better way to celebrate than with some pumpkin pancake and waffle mix.

Also, if you don’t have at least 2 cans of organic pumpkin in your pantry during the month of October then you are a Communist.

Okay this was an impulse buy (everything was an impulse buy) but I had the thought of sipping hot cider next to the fireplace with my boo talking about our long days at work (I don’t have a job yet) and planning our future (moving to Hawaii, adopting a teenager to go run our errands for us, getting another puppy) so I had to buy it.  Our bill was over $100 but we could easily eat off these groceries for the next 2 weeks.  Normally we spend $100 on 2 meals out.  Trader Joe’s, I love you.

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Janice October 4, 2012 at 7:02 am

I wanna check it out, fo sho. So it’s like a smaller more organic Costco? I love the prepared food at Coscto but it feeds 50.


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