Happy Mother’s Day Herro Erin!!

by sara on May 12, 2013

Dear Happy Mother,

Happy Mother’s Day!!!  We are more excited than a five dog cookout to celebrate how special you are to us.  This has already been a tough year, so in honor of your hard work and sacrifice over the past three decades (even though Sara and I are both 25), we would like to give you the all-inclusive gift of Rest & Relaxation.

I hope you are ready to take it easy and have fun, because we have planned you and Chum-Chum a little beach vacation to sunny and exotic DESTIN, FLORIDA!  In mid-July, you and Jeff will depart Dallas for a non-stop flight to Ft. Walton Beach and rent a car for a short drive to your beachfront hotel in Destin.  You will have a long, peaceful, banking-free weekend to eat, play, and be merry without any connections, itineraries, or responsibilities to worry about.

The trip, planned with love, shapes issues and slow internet, has one condition: it cannot be canceled.  No matter what needs to be done in Dallas, we’ll take care of it.  And no turkey/lettuce diets on this trip.  If you don’t hashtag Foodgarbl at every shrimp post, we will consider it a failed trip.  Also, we want this to be a carefree trip but please baby Dad like the lil giraffe that he acts like (sunscreen reminder, Pepcid AC samples in your back pocket, no donuts in the rent car, etc).  You are the most amazing mom any kid could ever ask for and you deserve to be pampered without Pampers.

We know you will have a blast and come back ready for more Aweschumness.  We love you and can’t wait to hear about your trip!!

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